Sweet Science’s cocktail-inspired ice creams

Benjamin Carter Grimes
Sweet Science’s owner Ashlee Olds

She’s taken on green tea blends, vegan roasted banana sherbet, and gluten-free streusel, but Ashlee Olds, owner of Sweet Science Ice Cream, is pushing the flavor envelope once again with a line of cocktail-inspired ice creams.

Olds is teaming up with Easy and Oskey, a local maker of small-batch bitters, to create the flavors.

“I’m very excited about this new flavor — the first in the series — an Old Fashioned. It’s basically the drink in a pint of ice cream,” says Olds. “We had our first flavor development session last week and this one is really blowing me away.”

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So what all goes into a cocktail ice cream? “The Old Fashioned classically has flavors like orange, cherry, whiskey, and sugar. So we combine those all together with the help from Easy and Oskey’s orange and cherry-vanilla bitters. Our friends at 45th Parallel Distillery provided the booze, and it’s turned out really, really well,” gushes Olds. “I’m so excited!”

What’s next in the line? A creamy version of a sazerac? Gin and tonic sorbet, perhaps? Olds gives us clues, but won’t reveal too much too soon. “We are dreaming up a few other flavors,” she says. “The next in line after the Old Fashioned will be based on a perennial favorite drink from the Strip Club.”

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