Seasoned leaders are retiring at a recor

Seasoned leaders are retiring at a record pace. Some of us complain that many Millennials just aren’t ready to fill the gap of moving into leadership roles.
Recently a colleague asked me, “Shouldn’t we stop complaining and start mentoring, coaching, and well, leading the next generation of leaders?
My colleague is Danita Bye, founder of Sales Growth Specialists, conducted a recent survey of over 300 business leaders about working with millennials. 60% of them indicated that they have deep concerns about working with the millennial generation.
In her new book, Millennials Matter: Proven Strategies for Building Your Next Gen Leader, Danita addresses these concerns head-on and shares practical, rubber-meets-the-road tips, tools and talk tracks for business who feel there’s no hope.
When Danita was asked why she wrote this book, she said, “During the many hours I’ve talked with trusted mentors, colleagues, family, and friends, one realization has stood out: Millennials need our help. The world is undergoing a rapid shift, and millions of young professional struggle to find their footing. Amid this cultural chaos, next-gen leaders need the benefit of what we know. They need our wisdom and our insights. This message is for all of us who are builders of companies and leaders of people.”
Millennials Matter is filled with practical insights to maximize your business, mobilize your leaders, and realize your legacy.
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