When 90% isn’t success: The Wedges Game



The Wedges Game: Leverage Multiple Strategies

…success in a complicated endeavor depends on playing The Wedges Game (combining a number of partial solutions).  After relying on and failing with the single strategy of being disciplined in exercising, I combined:

  • A great cross-trainer machine that doesn’t squeak (Octane 47)
  • A multichannel TiVo to record engaging TV programs
  • A DVD player to support action-adventure movies when there was nothing good (violent) on TV
  • A pretty good high-definition TV that was big enough to be cool (40″)
  • Wireless headphones so I could have it loud enough to hear while not bothering Wendy
  • Located where the location supported exercise (first the bedroom later a remodeled basement) without being depressing (the basement before being remodeled)



The green area represents seven wedges of partial solutions


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